Why Climate uPVC :

Pvc Egypt , Why Choose Climate uPVC Window & Door Solutions?
Climate PVC Egypt has built-in qualities to withstand the internal environment of home and the extremes of harsh weather outside.
Climate uPVC Egypt  materials have a lot of advantages comparing to aluminum and wood products. So Following are the some of the advantages 

Climate PVC Egypt Advantages are :

1. High Heat Insulation.

2. High Impact Resistance.

3. High Noise Reduction.

4. High Acid Protection.

S. High Electricity Insulation.

6. High Resistance for Dust and Heat.

7. Minimum Air Infiltration.

8. low Thermal Expansion.

9. Fire Resistance.

1. Excellent Heat Insulation and Energy Saving:
Climate PVC Egypt Windows with low thermal conductive material can reduce the loss of energy up to 30% and excellent insulation against heat and cold.
2. Excellent Sound proof:
Climate PVC Egypt windows materials and multi chambered designed profiles have tight seals which are the best in noise reduction.
An average sound separation of 35 – 25 db is reached in 6mm glazing and 30 db in double glazing.
So It brings tranquility and cuts unnecessary disturbances.
3. Low Thermal Expansion:
Climate PVC Egypt windows are easily operated under any weather conditions because to its low coefficient of thermal expansion.
The maximum thermal expansion in summer when the temperature is 45 degree is 0.36 m/m for 5m profile and in winter is 0.9m/m.
4. Electricity Insulation:
Climate PVC Egypt is has high electrical insulation which exceeds 1015 ohms-ern. So It is absolutely safe from electrical conductivity.
5. Excellent Weather Resistant:
Climate PVC Egypt profiles are specially formulated to achieve a high resistance against the UV attacks.
It can withstand extreme weather changes under scorching and sun and dryness and humidity.
6. Corrosion Resistant:
Climate uPVC Egypt profiles are free from the attacks of acids, alkalis and waste gases and salt.
Also It is corrosion resistant when used in gulf and African climate.
7. Impact Resistant:
Climate uPVC Egypt profiles are uniquely designed and specifically formulate to withstand high impact.
Because It has an impact resistance of 3kg at 1 meter in height at 25 degree temperature.
8. Minimum Air Infiltration:
The glazing gasket and closing gasket provides maximum seal for air and dust
So The low air infiltration serves increase the efficiency of air conditioner; hence saves energy.

About Climate 

Established Late 2010, We, Climate uPVC window & Door Solutions ,  pride ourselves on our quality products and are dedicated to bringing satisfaction to all of our clients.

Through our ability to produce the perfect finish that you expect from the best professional uPVC windows and doors fabricator.

While we give personal care and attention when it comes to residential customers, our commercial clients are satisfied with the superior quality and timely delivery.

uPVC Windows connect rooms to the outside world whilst at the same time separating them from each other.

They allow light into the house and enable you to see the world outside.

They also protect us from wind and rain, keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Climate uPVC Window and Door Solutions are the ideal solution to these varied roles, not only because of their attractive design but also because of their excellent internal properties: the dimensional stability, the well-insulating multi-chambered systems help minimize cooling costs and increase stability and security.

The optimum sound insulation allows you to enjoy peace and quiet in your own home while the maintenance-free. Weatherproof and age-resistant material guarantee a long-lasting attractive appearance.

Metal reinforcements that comply with Climate uPVC Window & Door Egypt’s Deceuninck  guidelines ensure a high degree of security.

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  • Geviss( Turkish Origin Accessories)
  • VORNE( Turkish Origin Accessories)
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