Bella Sliding Systems

Bella Sliding
Bella Sliding
General Features

Bella Sliding is a complete and economical system for projects – high or mid-rise Buildings. Mono, Double or Triple rail frames with possibility of multiple shutters. In addition Vela has a Bug Screen Track for Double Rail in-built as a single profile or a clip on solution for the Mono and Triple Rail frames. A slim 56mm Window Sash for those small windows with possibility of Touch Lock or Crescent Lock options. A mid range 68mm Window/Door Sash makes it very competitive for Low and Mid-rise Buildings. Aluminium Interlock solutions enables the 68mm Door Sash to boost up for High-Rise Buildings. An additional 80mm Door Sash completes the system for real High Rise or Strong cyclonic Wind conditions.

The sash profiles come with pre-inserted TPE Gaskets and Weather Strips from the factory. Makes the production 30% faster than conventional UPVC Profiles in the market with EPDM Gaskets.

Special Aluminium coupling profiles makes it possible to couple with Everest Max Casement Systems for smooth and slim junctions. All profiles are extruded as per EN 12608.

Technical Features

Opening Options Mono, Double, Triple Rail Frames with additional bug screen track. Multiple opening options
Gasket TPE Grey / Black
Glass Thickness 4mm-6mm, 20mm and 24mm
Profile Class B as per EN 12608
Uf 2.0 W/m2K

Colour options

Bella Sliding  meet the expectations of consumers with its rich color options.

Available In White And Cream Only.

The Deceuninck Solex Lamination Has Been Tested For Various Weather Conditions And Practically Been In Use In Middle Eastern Conditions Since 2006. You Could Also Choose Various Other Colours From The Solex Range Imported For You By Order .

Deceuninck Solex Nut-tree uPVC Laminate
Deceuninck Solex Anthracite Grey uPVC Laminate
Deceuninck Solex Goldenoak uPVC Laminate
Deceuninck Solex Ash-Black uPVC Laminate
Deceuninck Solex Dark-Oak uPVC Laminate
Deceuninck Cream uPVC
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