Glazing Window Films

Decorative Solar & Security Glass Films

Solar & Decorative Window Film

Maintain Privacy , Improve Aesthetics & Control Light In Your Indoor Space .
Climate Applies Custom Graphic , Decorative & Frosted Glass Films That Simulate Etched Glass & Come In Many Colors & Designs . With Years Of Experience In Glass Application To Graphic Films , We Can Provide You With The Best Quality Installation Available In The Market.


Safety & Security Window Film

Glazing is the weakest point of any building during blast attack, vandalism, accidental breakage or natural disasters. Climate has the solution to protect your staff, clients and business from the hazards of glass in the event of breakage.

Safety & security window film products have been installed in many of the world’s most prestigious landmark buildings. From our extensive work in the Middle East and Europe our products are internationally certified and tested to the highest standard to ensure maximum peace of mind.

Combining the aesthetic with functionality is the harmonious key towards our stunning design options for your home. systems designed for your houses.

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