Blackout Rolling Blinds

Blackout Vertical Rolling Blinds
Blackout Blinds

Providing complete protection, our collection of blackout roller blinds banishes the sunlight to keep your home shaded whenever you need it. Ideal for the bedroom, they ensure the sun won’t disturb your relaxing time and they also offer absolute privacy making them perfect for bathrooms too.

General Features

With their grand look and clean composure, panel blinds are perfect for large windows or sliding doors. They create a modern and contemporary look in any space. Our panel blind solutions are created through a seamless concept of fabrics and systems. With this modular concept, we offer a perfect solution for any panel blind situation. As a specialist in window coverings, our many years of experience are reflected in innovative products that are designed and developed in-house by our experts. Based on global trends and data, we offer all ingredients to create your best panel blind assortment.

Technical Features
Sunscreen Brouchure
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