HS76 UPVC Sliding Systems

Lift and Slide / Hebe Schiebe Sliding 76 uPVC SLIDING SYSTEMS
H576 (Lift and Slide / Hebe Schiebe Sliding 76)
General Features

The HS 76 (Lift and Slide / Hebe Schiebe Sliding 76 ) is a robust sliding system with 175mm frame and 76mm sliding sash. 3,0mm thick steel reinforcements make the door sash very strong and enable shutter sizes of upto 6 sqm and weights upto 400 Kgms. The Lift and Slide rollers still can slides these heavy shutters smoothly on special Aluminium rails. Possibility of low rail heights makes it ideal for patios. The all round gasket system makes the HS 76 a great Thermally insulating solution – Uf 1.2 W/m2K. Glasses upto 45mm thick in various combinations can be used in the 76mm door sash offering various possibilities.

Technical Features

Frame / Sash 175mm Frame and 76mm Sash
Gasket TPE Gray/ Black
Glass Thickness 6mm, 20mm, 24mm, 30mm, 36mm, 44-45mm
Class Class A- as per EN 12608
Uf 1.2 W/m2K

Colour options

HS76 PVC Sliding Door Systems meet the expectations of consumers with its rich color options.

Not Available in Stock , All colors Imported By Order.

Comes In White Cream And Many Laminated Colours. The Deceuninck Solex Lamination Has Been Tested For Various Weather Conditions And Practically Been In Use In Middle Eastern Conditions Since 2006.You Could Also Choose Various Other Colours From The Solex Range Imported For You By Order . 

HS76 Sliding Brochure
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