Legend UPVC Door Systems

Legend UPVC Door Systems
General Features

Legend PVC Door System is designed with 6 rooms according to a seating width of 80 mm. In the design of the system, especially considering the high performance criteria, the profiles were created by bringing together the most suitable building blocks. In the design process, in addition to the profile, window performance, insulation (heat and sound), strength, sealing properties were evaluated holistically. The profiles in the system are produced in accordance with the EN 12608-1 standard.


Legend PVC Door System has been designed to bring together many important building blocks with the aim of providing the best thermal insulation for the window to your space. A lower heat and conductivity coefficient (Uf) is aimed by bringing together the concepts of 6 chambers and 3 gaskets (middle gasket) with the system being on an 80 mm platform. Uf value of Legend System; It is 0.92 W/m2K. In particular, the configuration of the system on a width of 80 mm allows triple glass applications with a glass thickness of 52 mm and a low Ug value. Thus, the thermal conductivity value of your window, the profile section and the thermal values ​​​​of the glass come together to create the superior U window value.(*Uw: 0.78 W/m2K) 


The support sheets in the profiles in the Legend PVC Door System have high static values. Thus, in regions with high wind load, the most suitable profile and sheet metal is determined by taking into account the static calculations to be made. The fact that the sheets have high static strength provides a wider window in the system, that is, the field of view is increased.


PVC Door System has a wide product range. Standard frame, sill frame, common rail, static common rail, wing and dropper wing options, inward and outward opening door wing profiles and wing adapters are the main profiles that will be included in the system. In addition, a rich auxiliary profile group is available to create solutions for many specific details. Such as 90 corner turns, angled corner turns, grayage and facade profiles, elevation, frame extension, closing and sill profiles …


Glass thickness applications of 24, 30, 36, 44 and 52 mm can be made on PVC windows and doors . Legend PVC Door System offers solutions for all tastes by making use of the rich color alternatives of Egepen Deceuninck in terms of color options.

* The window value is the value calculated for joinery at IFT-Rosenheim.

Technical Features

Profile Width : 80 mm
Number of Cubicles : 6
Number of Gaskets : 3 (Middle Gasket)
Gasket : TPE Gray/ Black/
Glazing Bead :Single Claw – PCE Gasket
Glass Thickness : 24,30,36,44 mm
Standard : TS 5358 – EN 12608-B Class

Colour options

Legend PVC Door System meets the expectations of consumers with its rich color options.

Not Available in Stock , All colors Imported By Order.

Available In White Cream And Many Laminated Colours. The Deceuninck Solex Lamination Has Been Tested For Various Weather Conditions And Practically Been In Use In Middle Eastern Conditions Since 2006.You Could Also Choose Various Other Colours From The Solex Range Imported For You By Order . 

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