Zendow UPVC Door Systems

Zendow UPVC Door Systems
General Features

Zendow PVC Door System easily adapts to the style of your spaces thanks to its perfect design and aesthetics. The system has been thought for harmony down to the last detail


Zendow PVC Door System has an excellent performance in terms of thermal insulation with its 5-chamber design and 70 mm width. The lower heat transfer coefficient (Uf) to the system was determined as 1.3 – 1.4 W/m2K as a result of the tests carried out at IFT Rosenheim. It is documented as Uf: 1.3 W/m2K in medium seal applications.


In today’s noisy living spaces, acoustic insulation of spaces is of great importance. Zendow PVC Door System includes 2-section seals that offer better acoustic insulation than manually placed seals. In addition, the existing insulation properties of PVC and the multi-compartment structure of the Zendow PVC Door System turn even areas that require maximum acoustic insulation for places with heavy traffic and very high noise into a perfect living space.


Zendow PVC Door System provides compliance with every detail with its product variety. Especially in regions where the wind path is high, the most suitable solutions can be easily reached with static middle register and facade profiles.


The doors of Zendow PVC Door System stand out with their long life, low maintenance requirement and 100% recyclability and reprocessability at the end of their useful life, as well as creating a healthier environmental environment with their high insulation values.

Technical Features

Profile Width : 70mm
Number of Chambers : 5
Number of Gaskets : 2 (Middle Gasketed)
Gasket : TPE Gray / Black
Slat : Single Claw – With PCE Gasket
Glass Thicknesses : 4, 20, 24, 30, 36, 44mm
Standard : TS EN 12608-1 Class B
Thermal Conductivity : Uf: 1.3 W/m2K (with medium seal) Uf: 1.4 W/m2K

Colour options

Zendow PVC Door System meets the expectations of consumers with its rich color options.

Not Available in Stock , All colors Imported By Order.

Comes In White Cream And Many Laminated Colours. The Deceuninck Solex Lamination Has Been Tested For Various Weather Conditions And Practically Been In Use In Middle Eastern Conditions Since 2006.You Could Also Choose Various Other Colours From The Solex Range Imported For You By Order . 

Deceuninck Solex Goldenoak uPVC Laminate
Deceuninck Solex Anthracite Grey uPVC Laminate
Deceuninck Solex Dark-Oak uPVC Laminate
Deceuninck Solex Nut-tree uPVC Laminate
Deceuninck Cream uPVC
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