Aluminum Rolling Shutters

Aluminium Rolling Shutters Egypt
Aluminum Rolling Shutters Egypt 

Whether You Want To Soften Incoming Daylight, Or Block It Out Completely, Or Prevent Against Overheating – Our New Collection Of Aluminum Shutters Offers The Ideal Solution To Suit Your Space.

The Use Of Expalum (Spanish) Louvers , Come In A Variety Of Sizes , From 4.5 Cm , 5Cm , 5.5 Cm Fully Injected With High Or Medium Density Polyurethane Foam For Superior Insulation . The Store Box Has Multiple Sizes , 18Cm , 20Cm , 25 Cm Store Box (Expalum )

Operated By Switch Button , Remote control Or Home Automation . Motors made in Italy  (Asa) or French (Simu & Somfy) Guarantee Fully Automated Control . 

Or Just Operated Manually Via Tape or Crank for smaller openings with light weight louvers .

Technical Features
Colour options

Aluminum Rolling Shutters Systems completely fulfills our customer needs by offering a variety of excellent color options.

Deceuninck Solex Goldenoak uPVC Laminate
Deceuninck Solex Anthracite Grey uPVC Laminate
Deceuninck Solex Ash-Black uPVC Laminate
Deceuninck Solex Nut-tree uPVC Laminate
Deceuninck Cream uPVC
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