Why Climate uPVC

Why Climate PVCu Window & Door Solutions

Nowadays, windows are the decisive factor when it comes to a building’s comfort, cost and also its appearance; PVC-U windows systems became immediately popular on account of their long service life and easy maintenance.
Most countries have their own quality standards and guidelines. Climate U- PVC window and door systems have been independently tested for performance and quality throughout the world. They meet, and often substantially surpass, the requirements of relevant standards for PVC-U windows worldwide.
This technical excellence, independently substantiated and proven over many years of service in climates ranging from Arctic extremes to Mediterranean and equatorial conditions, means that Climate products can confidently be specified to meet the most rigorous requirements of prolonged exposure and use.


Beauty & Design

Climate U-PVC window systems offer the most varied styles & designs. The technical limitations of the past have been overcome and today’s Climate U-PVC windows and doors can be fitted into any type of property from residential houses and apartments to commercial buildings such as Hotels, Hospitals and modern office blocks. With their great versatility, the Climate U-PVC windows and doors will satisfy and taste in style and design and have proven to be the best material even for the restoration of historical buildings.



Weather Resistance

More than any other building material, Climate U-PVC windows and doors keep their excellent material properties even after many years in use. As a matter of fact, they do not alter under extreme temperature of weathering.
Thanks to the Climate owned material compound of the PVC-U profiles, they show no negative effects caused by heavy rain, snow, strong sun or smog. They do not rot, corrode nor warp and even after many years, the windows are still attractive, perfectly tight and working well.


Maximum Wind Resistance

Due to their excellent material properties, Climate U-PVC windows & doors are ideal for being installed in buildings close to the sea where they are permanently exposed to strong wind, heavy rain and salty air. The windows have passed several severe tests by official institutions. All windows types are capable of withstanding the tests specified in BS 5368, Part 3 1978 (wind resistance test up to a wind pressure of 2400 PA). Therefore Climate profiles can also be fitted in high-rise buildings without any problems


Long Life

Thanks to modern technology, Climate U-PVC windows and doors will practically last forever. For this reason, they are an excellent investment for your home as they do not involve any future maintenance costs. Furthermore, combined with modern thermal insulation glass, Climate profiles will help you to achieve a sustainable energy saving effect and are, therefore, and even better investment.

Maintenance Free

Climate U-PVC window and door systems do not require regular repainting and expensive maintenance. They do not rot, warp nor corrode even in tropical and salty coastal climates. Therefore, their maintenance is reduced to simple cleaning and does not involve any further costs.

Termite Resistance

in tropical climates wooden windows and doors are often destroyed by termites, whereas PVC-U windows and doors are fully resistant to these insects. Thanks to the highly developed Climate material compound of PVC-U windows and doors, termites are not able to attack the PVC-U profiles.

Efficient Thermal Insulation

in any weather Climate windows and doors are installed – they contribute to a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in your home. As the design of the Climate system prevents thermal bridging, the thermal insulating performance of the finished window is exceptionally good. The glazing is also of utmost importance for good thermal values, also contributing to a substantial energy saving. Window and door system from Climate eliminate the problem of water condensation on the window panes inside the house. In official tests, the Climate window profiles easily passed the tests for Class 1 according to DIN 4108 (thermal conductivity of window materials) thus fulfilling the highest demands on thermal insulation.

High Acoustic Insulation

the protection against noise is an essential characteristic of a modern window in order to ensure a comfortable life both at home and in the office.
Sound insulation in the Climate profile design is inherently good. It is further enhanced by fitting steel reinforcing and by choosing the appropriate glass.

Maximum Water Tightness

Climate U-PVC window and door systems have been successfully used in swimming pools, marine and ocean environments without detriments to the surface finish or performance. One of the main assets of Climate window and door systems is their resistance to driving rain and their joint tightness. Climate U-PVC profiles fulfill the demands of DIN 18055 (Resistance to driving rain). All window types are designed to be watertight when tested up to 300 PA limit specified in BS 6375: Performance of windows part 1, 1989: Classification for weather tightness. Some types achieve a 600 PA rating.

Protection against Burglary

High-strength window and door profiles made of PVC-U offer the best solution for increased safety. Special fittings and glazing, qualified window fabrication and expert installation make the window worthy of being termed “burglar-proof”

Fire Resistance

Fire tests have shown that Climate U-PVC materials, being naturally flame retardant throughout their product life, will not cause, support or enhance the development of accidental fire. Unlike timber windows, the PVC-U sections do not support combustion are in fact self-extinguishing. This quality prevents the promotion of fire spread. For this reason, Climate window systems offer considerable fire protection. The special profile compound possesses a fire-retardant rating according to DIN 4102. It also fulfils Class 1 fire resistance (i.e. most resistant) as defined in BS (British Standards) 476: Part 7. Therefore, Climate profiles are an effective means for preventive fire protection.

Structural & Mechanical Performance

The Climate – material compound performs
to worldwide standards for strength, durability,
head stability, color retention, and termite resistance.
This fact provides an additional margin of safety to the
quality of the product during fabrication, installation
and service.the extrusion process of PVC-U window and door profiles is relatively energy efficient, compared with other materials. Another benefit: Where PVC-U has been specified as an alternative to wood, the rate of consumption of forests is slowed. PVC-U window and door systems are environmentally friendly as they can be fully recycled and reused for the production of PVC-U profiles.


Environmental Advantages

The extrusion process of Deceuninck PVC-U window and door profiles is relatively energy efficient, compared with other materials. Another benefit: Where PVC-U has been specified as an alternative to wood, the rate of consumption of forests is slowed.

Deceuninck manufactures 100% recyclable and environmentally-conscious, lead-free products. Making significant investments for a more livable world, Deceuninck steps forward in the sector with its products considering environment and human health.

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