Vertical Rolling Blinds

Vertical Rolling Blinds Egypt

Due to their fabric and shape, dust falls more between the blinds which hold its most advantage of very little cleaning required. You can have your unique mix of patterns or go for a simpler choice with one of our minimalistic neutral tones. No matter what your choice will be, Vertical Blinds will make the perfect addition to your home or office.

General Features

Vertical blinds allow to play with light and create a clean look in the interior. With their endless decorative possibilities and tall appearance, vertical blinds exceed the functional level and bring elegance to the interior. The collection of vertical blinds is a total concept that offers a solution for any vertical blind situation. From basic to luxurious, residential to commercial and from straight to sloped windows. As a specialist in window coverings, our many years of experience are reflected in innovative products that are designed and developed in-house by our experts. Based on global trends and data, we offer all ingredients to create your best vertical blind assortment.

Technical Features
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