EverestMax UPVC Window Systems

Everest Max
General Features

Everest Max PVC Window System is 60 mm wide and designed with 4 chambers and 2 gaskets. With the use of TPE gaskets, the system has gained the ability to be welded at the corners, thus providing strong sealing.

The system has a wide product family with 90 mm and 150 mm sill profiles, greyage, interconnection profiles, angled corner turn, 90° and 135° corner turn, dropper, aluminum threshold, various closing profiles and sill mounting profiles. The heights of the door leaf and outward opening door leaf profiles in the system have been optimized and reduced, thus increasing the glass surface, that is, the field of view. Within the Everest Max PVC Window System , Everest Max frame, sill frame, image frame (L54) etc., which can provide solutions to different details. options are included.

Everest Max PVC Window System has a special inclined design that accelerates the evacuation of water. System; It enables the production of special window types such as folding doors, parallel sliding, outward opening etc. The concept of safe espagnolette, which is recommended in terms of security, can be applied within the system. These systems are compatible with all other systems. (Mosquito nets, blinds, shutters etc.}

Technical Features

Profile Width : 60mm
Number of Chambers : 4
Number of Gaskets : 2 (Middle Gasketed)
Gasket : TPE Gray / Black
Slat : Single Claw – With PCE Gasket
Glass Thicknesses : 4, 20, 24, 30, 36mm
Standard : TS EN 12608-1 Class B
Thermal Conductivity : Uf: 1.5 W/m2K

Colour options

Everest Max System meets the expectations of consumers with its rich color options.

Available In White , Cream And Many Laminated Colours. The Deceuninck Solex Lamination Has Been Tested For Various Weather Conditions And Practically Been In Use In Middle Eastern Conditions Since 2006. We Currently Offer One Wood Finish Colour – Nuttree  & One Solid Colour – Anthracite Grey. Some Of The Profiles Are Available In-Stock  . You Could Also Choose Various Other Colours From The Solex Range Imported For By Order . 

Deceuninck Solex Goldenoak uPVC Laminate
Deceuninck Solex Anthracite Grey uPVC Laminate
Deceuninck Solex Nut-tree uPVC Laminate
Deceuninck Solex Silver uPVC Laminate
Deceuninck Solex Dark-Oak uPVC Laminate
Deceuninck Cream uPVC
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