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Excellent Sound Insulation: Climate uPVC windows materials and multi chambered designed profiles have tight seals which are the best in noise reduction. An average sound separation of 35 - 25 db is reached in 6mm glazing and 30 db in double glazing. It br

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Climate PVCu Window & Door Solutions

Established Late 2010 ,We , Climate PVCu Window & Door Solutions , pride ourselves on our quality products and are dedicated to bringing satisfaction to all of our clients.Through our ability to produce the perfect finish that you expect from the best professional uPVC windows & doors fabricator.
While we give personal care and attention when it comes to residential customers, our commercial clients are satisfied with the superior quality and timely delivery.

Climate PVCu Window & Door Solutions connect rooms to the outside world whilst at the same time separating them from each other. They allow light into the house and enable you to see the world outside .They also protect us from wind and rain, keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Climate PVCu Window & Door Solutions are the ideal solution to these varied roles, not only because of their attractive design but also because of their excellent internal properties: the dimensional stability, the well-insulating multi-chambered systems help minimise cooling costs and increase stability and security. The optimum sound-insulation allows you to enjoy the peace and quiet in your own home while the maintenance-free. Weather proof and age-resistant material guarantees a long-lasting attractive appearance. Metal reinforcements which comply with Climate guidelines ensure a high degree of security.

Product Highlights :

  • Classical contours with slightly rounded edges and Grey seals
  • Particularly low maintenance thanks to homogeneous surfaces and surface-flush glass ledges.
  • 3-chamber profile with a basic overall depth of 60 mm for Hinged frames , and 122 mm for Sliding systems,with average wall thickness 2.5mm
  • High insulating properties to minimise heating/cooling costs and external noise.
  • Optimum static properties for durability and stable value.
  • Specially shaped steel fittings for increased stability and installation of burglar-proof fittings.
  • Exclusive and future-oriented system.
  • High Quality Built In Reinforced Brushes & Grey EPDM Seals.
  • Available in White , Beige , Wooden laminates.
  • 10 years Guarantee on any Given Profiles & accessories.

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Climate Partner Brands for PVCu Window & Door Systems :  

Deceuninck (Belgium Origin Profile)

Fazah (Saudi Origin Profile) 

Vorne( Turkish Origin Accessories)

TGP (Romania Origin Accessories)

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